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Getting Started

STEP 1 - Contact our office

STEP 2 – We verify insurance and benefits*  
*Verification of benefits is not a guarantee of payment/coverage.

STEP 3 – Discuss insurance benefits and coverage

STEP 4 - Schedule evaluation appointment

STEP 5 - Discuss evaluation findings and recommendations

STEP 6 - Schedule 1st therapy appointment

In Network insurance providers

If we are not in network with your insurance provider and are interested in seeking reimbursement, we are able to provide you with the required documentation.


BlueCross BlueShield


United Health Care




Texas Medicaid - Traditional



*Please note that network participation does not guarantee coverage of services. Some insurance plans do not cover speech-language or occupational therapy services unless they are considered to be “medically necessary”.
Contact your insurance company to inquire about medical necessity guidelines that may apply to your plan, or contact our office for assistance.

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